Life in Finland

Where to live, what to eat? How about visa? Here you can find answers to all the questions you might be pondering about when planning a life in Finland.

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Living in Finland

Whether you have been accepted to study or are applying to a university, you need to have all your details in order.

Working while studying

Working while studying is possible in Finland, since everyone speaks English.
Finland ranks as #6 when it comes to country reputation. This means Finland is one of the happiest, most peaceful and socially progressive countries.

Types of accommodation

Either you wish to live by yourself in a private apartment or share a room with other students, there’s a variety when it comes to accommodation.


Freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Finnish Constitution.

Do I need a visa?

Whether you need a student residence permit or a short-term visa depends if you are or are not a EU/EEA citizen and how long you will stay in Finland.

Finnish food

Finnish food culture is a mix of western European, Scandinavian and Russian cuisines. Finnish kitchen rely on fresh ingredients prepared in a simple way. Nature plays an important role in kitchen as it does in everyday life.
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