There is a freedom of religion in Finland. This means that everyone can freely select their religion.

Most of the Finns are Evangelical Lutheran (approx. 75%). Approximately 22% of Finns do not belong to any religious community. Other major religious groups in Finland are Orthodox (1%), Pentecostal (1%) and Muslim (1%).

Two state churches

Most Finns are nominally members of a Christian church. There are two state churches: The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and The Finnish Orthodox Church. These churches have the right to collect taxes. The primary state religion is the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Finns are typically quite private of their religious views and religious views or habits are not visible in everyday life.

Other religions in Finland

In addition to the Evangelic-Lutheran and Orthodox churches there are Catholic, Jewish and Islamic congregations as well as numerous smaller religious communities. Since the number of immigrants in Finland is growing so does the contact with other religions.

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