Niina Uusimäki

Pasi Kaskinen
Executive Vice President

Jérôme Rickmann
Head of Global Insights & Engagement Strategies 

Jarkko Wickström
Director of Operations in Brazil and Latin America 

Anna Kari
Customer Relations Manager

Daria Chikunova
Marketing Coordinator 

University of Eastern Finland

Mari Argillander
Key Account Manager

Tampere University

Niina Nyyssölä
Key Account Manager

Mirka Gustafsson
Key Account Manager

University of Turku

Ari Koski
Key Account Manager

Anna Alasuutari
Key Account Manager

Board of Directors

Mika Sutinen
Chairman of the Board

Tuomo Lähdesmäki
Vice Chairman of the Board

Mikael Lindfelt
Vice Rector, Åbo Akademi

Marja Sutela
Vice President, Tampere University

Kalle-Antti Suominen
Vice Rector, University of Turku

Harri Siiskonen
Academic Rector, University of Eastern Finland

Kirsi Koski
Managing Director, TOAS

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