Objectives of the short course are:

  • To develop the understanding of innovation and entrepreneurial processes within university teaching and to help participants to incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship competencies, behaviour, and culture in different faculties.
  • The workshop focuses on different pedagogical methods supporting innovation and entrepreneurial competencies to encourage and increase students’ ability to open-mindedly create new value, and to apply their competencies entrepreneurially in any kind of organization.

Participants of the workshop are provided with concrete examples of how innovation and entrepreneurship education has been implemented in different disciplines. Moreover, participants will set goals for developing innovation and entrepreneurship education in their own respective faculties.

The workshop is targeted to university management, faculty deans, teachers, and researchers who are interested in developing their teaching to support innovation and entrepreneurial competencies.


Programme of the short course

Day 1: Foundation of innovation and entrepreneurship education

  • Main elements of innovation and entrepreneurship education

  • The pedagogy of innovation and entrepreneurship learning

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship as a processes

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship competences

  • Transformation from teacher to process coach


Day 2: Implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship learning in practice

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship learning as processes

  • Different models of innovation and entrepreneurship learning/education

  • Assessment in innovation and entrepreneurship learning




Target group

Early childhood and basic education teachers, teacher educators, principals, teacher trainees, researchers, education and organizations in education.


On request


2 days, in Finland


Approx. 8 900 € / group (excl. pos. VAT)

Group size

25 participants