Degree studies in education offer progressive, interdisciplinary and holistic teacher education in one of the most successful educational environments. Degree provided by the University of Turku leads directly to working life or to Master's and Doctoral studies. Commissioned degrees can be designed in cooperation with the customer to suit specific need or interests. Study modules of the degree programmes can be provided also independently.

The Commissioned Degrees can be carried out in Finland, or in collaboration with the customer partly in the customer’s location.

Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Teacher Education provides the students the unique competence of Finnish teacher education. The graduates understand the foundations of early childhood education and pedagogy, and are able to practice as independent early childhood teachers applying the modern methodologies in their Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) context.

Qualified and pedagogically competent early childhood teachers support children’s development, wellbeing, and future learning skills:

  • Thinking and learning

  • Cultural competence, interaction and self-expression

  • Learning to take care of oneself

  • Multi-literacy and ICT competence

  • Participation, involvement skills and entrepreneurship

  • Holistic ECEC pedagogy connecting the arts, science, technology and environmental education to child- and play centered learning and social, emotional, and language development


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Namibian Teachers Graduate from University of Turku



Upper secondary school certificate, which gives the right to apply for Higher Education in the applicant’s home country and a good competence in English language.


Upon request for commissioned groups


3 years, modules can be provided independently

Degree programme can be organized:

  1. Fully in Rauma, Finland.

  2. Jointly with a partner University. Studies at partner university (2 years) and 1 year of studies in Finland, with special emphasis on guided teaching practice, and professional and ECEC pedagogical studies.