General description 

Students will learn to recognise and understand the role of public administration in contemporary societies. Moreover, students will learn to discuss on current theories, models and approaches on public governance and management, and their viewpoints on developing and implementing public policies. Having completed the programme the participants will be capable of applying knowledge and skills into their own working environment.


The Programme provides the participants with competence in

  • finding, analysing and assessing both theoretical and practical information about public administration,
  • analysing and interpreting information to solve various research or practice oriented questions, and
  • using various analytical models, methods and tools to support public policy making and management.


Objectives of the programme

  • Give insights into the latest academic research on public administration and management.
  • Provide with competences in understanding organisational phenomena, formulating and solving questions on administration and societal development.
  • Enable to work for the local, regional and national development aims, in service of public authorities and other organisations. 


Career Opportunities

Programme will qualify to a wide array of expert positions at the local, regional and national levels (i.e. municipalities, ministries), as well as at the international level. Graduates from the programme can also find employment from the private sector.


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Target Group

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the field of economics, finance, public administration, management or related areas.


On request for commissioned groups


2 years of full-time studies (120 ECTS)


Max. 30 participants