General description

The participants learn to short course deals with the effectiveness of public administration. Today, government officials meet increasingly complex decision-making situations and their information and knowledge needs to evolve along with the society.

The course provides participants a view to the state-of-the-art methods of gathering and using relevant information to support decision-making and to improve the efficiency of public administration.

The programme introduces participants to the characteristics of new public management (NPM) and new public governance (NPG) and discusses their impact on managerial practices. Participants gain an understanding of governance and tools for mastering the complex management situations.

Each special topic of evaluation, financial management and performance management are discussed at different levels of public administration as well as from the perspectives of international research and Finnish public administration.


Main themes

  • Trends in public management
  • Public policy and programme evaluation
  • Public financial management
  • Knowledge-based performance management

The Programme includes lectures by University professors and senior researchers in the field of public administration as well as site visits to local government and state’s central government.

Social activities are included. Teaching language is English.


Preliminary schedule 

Day 1


  • Welcome words and introductions
  • Key areas of effective public administration: learnings from Finland
Day 2

Public financial management

  • Effective financial management in public sector
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Interpreting the financial information of public sector
  • Finnish experiences
Day 3

Public policy and programme evaluation

  • Planning and evaluating knowledge-intensive public policies
  • Knowledge intensive public policies
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of public policies
  • Finnish experiences
Day 4

Performance management in the public sector

  • Viewpoints of knowledge work, knowledge organizations and service systems
  • Experiences from the Finnish public sector
Day 5


  • Workshop and reporting Finnish experience
  • Lessons learned and certification


If you have a specific interest or focus programmes can be tailored to your needs.


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Leaders and managers, administrators, financial specialists, developers and civil servants working in state and local management agencies and enterprises.


On request


5 days in Finland


Approx. 25 000 € / week / group, depending on the specific programme (excl. pos. VAT)


20-25 participants