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According to the global Prosperity Index, Finland has the best governance in the world. Variables such as voter turnout, legislative independence and the number of women in Parliament make Finland number one.
Source: The Legatum Prosperity Index 2017

Finland is the 3rd most transparent country in the world with open business and government practices and well-distributed political power. It is one of the least corrupted countries and among the world’s strongest democracies.
Source: U.S. News & World Report, Y&R’s BAV Group and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania 2018


Finland's objective is that its public administration will continue to be an example of the well-functioning and cost-effective administration.

Finland University welcomes you to join 3-day study visit in Finland, organised by the Tampere University. The study visit includes:

  • lectures by Finnish public admin scholars, experts and professionals,
  • site visits to state and local administration.


preliminary schedule

Day 1


  • Finnish public administration
  • Public sector as the provider of services


Finnish Local Government

  • Functions and responsibilities of municipalities
  • Democracy and exerting influence
  • Decision-making bodies and management
  • Local government finances
Day 2

Finnish Regional Councils

  • Regional development
  • Regional planning
  • Innovation ecosystem


On-site visit to an Innovation platform

  • E.g. BioMediTech / Demola / Mediapolis
Day 3

Finnish Central Government

  • Government’s strategic programme
  • Timely issues in government’s agenda
  • Focus on selected policy areas


If you have a specific interest or focus, programmes can be tailored to your needs. 



1st of expected human capital in 2016, i.e. level of education and health of population, that is an important determinant of economic growth.

1st in World Happiness Report of 2018, especially due to the level of social support and healthy life expectancy. 



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Leaders and managers, administrators, financial specialists, developers and civil servants working in state and local management agencies and enterprises, and for officers working in finance and management in state and local government units.


On request


3 days in Finland 


3 500 € / day (excl. pos. VAT)


20 participants