Study Visit offers a hands-on experience and insight to Finnish education system, which is ranked highly in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

School meals offer a perfect opportunity to serve healthy meals and to educate children about food culture and wellbeing. Good school meal is an investment in the future.

Finland University welcomes you to join 4-day study visit in Finland, organised by the University of Eastern Finland. The study visit includes:

  • Lectures by Finnish educators, nutrition experts and professionals,

  • Site visit to catering service centre and local school

  • Reflective workshop with Finnish nutrition experts on perspectives of school meals

The participants get to meet nutritionists, researchers and policy makers who are involved from practice to administration and research.





4 days study visit: Finnish School Meals and Nutrition of Children and Adolescents



Day 1

Finnish nutritional recommendations

  • Introduction to nutritional recommendations

  • Importance of healthy nutrition for growing children


Public catering in Finland

  • Kindergarten

  • Schools

  • Vocational schools and universities

Day 2

School meals

  • Legislative basis for school catering

  • School meals as part of education


Visit to catering services centre

Day 3

School meals as health promotion

  • Studies about the effects of school meals and how to improve school meals

  • How to educate children about food


Visit to school to observe school lunch

Day 4


Global perspective on school meals


  • Presentation of workshop results

  • Lessons learned, wrap-up and certification


If you have a specific interest or focus, programmes can be tailored to your needs.



target group

This study visit is suitable for school principals, teachers, home economics teachers, school administrators, health promotion and nutrition planners and managers, educators, food services directors.


September-November & January-April


4 days in Finland 


3 500 € / day / group (excl. pos. VAT)

Group size

25 participants

For more information, please contact

Mari Argillander, mari.argillander@finuni.fi

Riikka Kuusisto-Kajander, riikka.kuusisto@finuni.fi