General Description 

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is a professional development programme. It focuses on promoting pedagogical expertise in higher education. With the term pedagogical expertise, we do not refer just to individual, but also to collegial pedagogical competency that is promoted, sustained and fostered within the university community. Pedagogical competency results in excellent curriculum, learning environments and processes, and high quality learning outcomes.


Learning outcomes

After completing the programme, the participant:

  • Is familiar with the central theoretical questions of university teaching and learning,

  • Is able to design and support flexible learning activities in versatile learning environments and

  • Can identify and overcome personal and institutional challenges in developing pedagogical expertise and practice. 


Main themes

Promoting student learning and engagement

  • Students today and tomorrow

  • Student-centered approach

  • Learning and engagement


Teaching and learning in higher education


Designing learning processes and environments

  • Constructive alignment: learning goals, teaching methods and assessment

  • Atmosphere and the role of group in learning

  • Flexible learning environments and online learning


Developing expertise in teaching and learning in higher education

  • The curriculum in developing learning processes and environments

  • Pedagogical competency as a competency of the community


Special features of teaching at university

  • Combining research and teaching

  • Academic supervision processes



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Target Group

The programme is primarily targeted at professors, teachers, researchers and supervisors, especially those who are interested in developing the pedagogical expertise, and linking up with colleagues with similar interests. 


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Group size

20-30 participants