Learning Outcomes

After completing the studies, the participant is expected:

  • to be able to design and support flexible learning activities in versatile learning environments
  • to be familiar with the central theoretical questions of university teaching and learning
  • to understand the role of learning objective and assessment in curriculum design and teaching
  • to understand the constructive alignment in teaching and be able to apply the idea in their own practice
  • to be able to support and supervise learning activities in flexible ways in various contexts of academic teaching
  • to be able to identify personal and institutional goals in developing pedagogical expertise and practice

Contents of The Programme

Program emphasizes:

  • Critical thinking and interdisciplinary dialogue to promote teaching and learning at the university
  • Experimental and developmental approach to promote research-teaching connection
  • Collegial, participatory and reciprocal procedures to promote well-being and engagement of both staff and students

Structure and Length of The Programme

The course consists of four intensive contact days, two days in the beginning of the course and two at the end. In addition, there will be online seminars and study circles in virtual learning environment. Active participation during contact sessions, online seminars and study circle exercises (individual and group assignments) is required. In addition, every student carries out a pedagogical project and takes part in a teaching practice session. 10 ECTS means 267 hours of student work. The programme will be carried out in a half year.


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Target Group

Professors, teachers and researchers, especially those who are interested in developing their pedagogical expertise and linking up with colleagues with similar interests.