Education that builds 21st century skills

Finland University is a global education partner for public and private organisations with demanding staff development and education needs.

We make the faculty of our member universities available to governments, public and private organisations, and NGOs that aspire to boost their skills and knowledge to better meet future challenges.

Our programmes, courses and learning products are based on latest research and designed to build 21st century skills.  We carefully map the needs of each customer as every organization has unique training and development needs and adapt our programmes to best fit the specific requirements.

Finland University programmes are effective in diverse learning environments, societies and cultures –  we have learned through practice how to cross cultural and religious divides to ensure that our programmes sit within the context of the host country.

To date we have successfully completed or are delivering programmes for customers based in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.  Our programmes are run on university campuses in Finland or in the country of our customers, online and in the workplace.