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Alumni activity

An alumni network offers you a possibility to stay connected to your peers, as well as past and future fellow graduates.

It helps create a strong academic network, while also providing you with the option to educate yourself further. You will always be kept up-to-date with intriguing research information and events.

A lifelong association

The main purpose of an alumni network is to build a lifelong relationship and interaction between the graduate and the university – and, of course, between other alumni. All our alumni networks are active and ready to help you in every step of your career path. Together, we are always stronger.

Keep the future looking bright

In addition to a strong academic network, alumni networks give you the possibility to support your university activities – even after graduation. You can participate in university operations, e.g., as a mentor, lecturer, or a research partner. Alumni relations can also increase universities’ credibility. You are a living proof of the education in a particular university, and thus, influential in many roles of our society.

PhD programmes

Our member universities offer a wide variety of PhD programmes, which you can apply to directly from the university of your choice.

A PhD from a Finnish research university is a highly respected degree globally.

If you are a graduate with a drive for research, or simply want to deepen your expertise, then starting a PhD programme might be exactly what you’re looking for.
With a wide variety or different doctoral programmes – ranging from biology, history and mathematics to economics, sciences, law, education and more – the highly regarded PhD programmes of our member universities in Finland have something to offer for just about any graduate.

No tuition fee is charged for doctoral studies in Finland. Most PhD students here are either fully or partially funded through grants or have salaried positions at their chosen university.

Please take a more detailed look at the numerous PhD programmes of our member universities underneath:

University of Turku PhD programmes
Tampere University PhD programmes
University of Eastern Finland PhD programmes
Åbo Akademi University PhD programmes
Academy of Finland

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