If you are a non-EU/EEA student and starting your Master’s degree in English in autumn 2018 or later, you are required to pay tuition fees. Each university defines their fees independently. Depending on the university, tuition fees can range between €4,000 to €20,000. However, it is worth noting that scholarships can also cover tuition fees even up to 100 %. Be sure to check further details regarding tuition fees from the web pages of the available universities.

Tuition fees by institution

University of Turku
Tampere University
University of Eastern Finland
Åbo Akademi University

Remember to check the options for scholarships, and keep in mind that PhD studies will not charge tuition fees.

Tuition fee benefits

Both international and local students have the same rights and responsibilities. But what is actually included in the tuition fee?


  • Major and minor subjects (minor subjects can be chosen from over hundred different options).
  • Possibility for internships: gain experience by combining theoretical academic knowledge with practical skills.
  • PhD studies without additional charges (separate application process). Note: Most PhD students in Finland are either fully or partially funded through grants or have salaried positions at their chosen university.
  • A part of a student’s Master’s studies can be completed abroad in selected programmes, with a possibility for Erasmus exchange scholarships.

Services for students

  • Orientation programme and tutoring
  • Personal study plans, guidance and counselling
  • Career and recruitment services
  • Related student services e.g. library services, MS Office package and campus internet
  • Support for arranging an accommodation

Welcome to Finland event

A voluntary, free of charge event for all new international students

Student union

A student union fee (approx. €100-200/year, mandatory). Including e.g. healthcare and student discounts on meals, transportation, culture services and events

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