General description

The programme provides participants a course that builds their competence in dealing with an increasingly complex and hyper-connected world. Futures Studies and foresight education offers customers tools to map future developments and manage systemic change, and build visionary strategies.

The training includes expert lectures and presentations, as well as interactive workshops where the participants get hands-on experience on foresight method application and the participatory working.


Themes of the programme

  • Modern foresight paradigm and visionary development 
  • Knowledge and innovation: leading transformation
  • Building up a dynamic foresight plan 
  • Futures of a complex world


Preliminary schedule

Prior to the intensive training, participants complete a pre-task with foresight articles.

Day 1

Modern foresight paradigm and visionary development

  • Dynamic foresight systems and processes
  • Invariables, variables, continuities, change, surprises
  • Foresight methods as a vital toolkit for strategic betterment
  • Strategic foresight, decision-making & uncertainty of outer environments
  • Visionary management
  • Different personalities and the role of humans in making futures and facing change
  • Environment scanning and different scenario methods
Day 2

Knowledge and Innovations – leading transformation

  • The relationship between foresight and innovation (methods)
  • Evidence-based foresight methods
  • Visionary development, systems methodologies and transformation
  • Making a change in a complex system
  • Multi-perspective training: Causal Layered Analyses
Day 3

Case studies on site visit

  • Site visits to organisations taking advantage of strategic foresight. To be confirmed based on customer and participant background.
Day 4

Building up a dynamic foresight plan – challenges and possibilities

  • Planning and implementing dynamic foresight processes
  • Values & Agility: milestones towards long-term success
  • Organization cases
  • Future literacy skills
  • Who is an expert? Futures Workshop
Day 5

Futures of a complex world Symposium

  • Construction and application of knowledge of futures
  • Foresight case studies
  • Newly arising futures research themes and questions, new methods and approaches, and what we should be learn from them?


If you have a specific interest or focus, programmes can be tailored to your needs.


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Public authorities, as well as professionals in academia, business and non-governmental organizations benefit from the Programme. 


On request


5 days


29 500 € in Finland

37 500 € in customer's location


20 participants