Objectives of the short course are:

  • To understand the importance of Futures skills in developing Higher Education.

Themes of the course are:

  • Fundamentals of Futures and foresight skills
  • Leadership skills for the future of higher education
  • Higher education in a complex world


Fundamentals of Professional Foresight Training Programme: Futures of Higher Education


Preliminary schedule

Prior to the intensive training, participants complete a pre-task with foresight articles.



Day 1

Modern foresight paradigm and visionary development

  • Dynamic and systematic foresight processes and projects

  • Invariables, variables, continuities, change, surprises

  • Foresight methods as a vital toolkit for strategic betterment

  • Strategic foresight, decision-making & uncertainty of outer environments

  • Environment and horizon scanning, different scenario methods

  • Visionary management

  • Training: selected methods of horizon scanning and megatrends

Day 2

Knowledge and Innovations – leading transformation

  • Understanding of academic knowledge in futures studies

  • The relationship between foresight, creative thinking and innovations (methods)

  • Visionary development, systems methodologies and transformation

  • Delphi method, multi-voice societies and human empowerment

  • Developing higher education in complex, uncertain, volatile and ambiguous future environments

  • Training: selected methods of weak signals and scenarios

Day 3

Case studies, site visits and Own (participant) Cases

  • Site visits to organisations taking advantage of strategic foresight. To be separately decided and confirmed

  • Participants´ Own Cases: case-based challenges and possibilities of foresight

Day 4

Futures of higher education – challenges and possibilities

  • Generating future images of higher education: megatrends, weak signals and surprises

  • Future generations – urbanisation, climate change and lifestyles

  • Values & Agility, milestones towards long-term success

  • Planning and implementing dynamic foresight processes with scenarios

  • Who is an expert of higher education? Futures Workshops

  • Future skills and how to teach them

  • Future-oriented teaching and learning methods

  • Training: selected methods of futures of higher education, a variety of approaches

Day 5

Higher education and a complex world

  • Different policy levels: global, national, local

  • Policy implications: challenges and possibilities

  • Construction and application of knowledge of futures - possibilities, pitfalls and critical thinking

  • Newly arising futures research higher education themes and questions

  • Training and joint elaboration: e.g. new teaching and learning methods for future generations, transformation and policy implications etc. (participant's viewpoint, will be specified later on)




target group

The programme is targeted for future-oriented educational directors and leaders, who are committed to developing their own organisations as well as their own personal leadership skills.


On request


5 days, in Finland


Approx. 30 000 € / group (excl. pos. VAT)

Group size

25 participants