Here is an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself and your colleagues in the "nerve center" of this extraordinary system - Finland's largest teacher training university and "lab" school - to collaborate and be inspired by insights and lessons to put into action back home.

This program delivers a wide range of action-insights for you to take home and put to work in your own schools, on critical topics including: assessment, curriculum, scheduling, equity, social-emotional learning, special education and inclusion, vocational and technical training, boosting student well-being and achievement.


Sample Program Schedule

DAY 1: Finnish teacher training and professional development: dialogues with educators at Teacher Training Lab School; introduction to Finnish education, new curriculum, latest research. Classroom Immersion: in-class observation, ”day in the life” of a Finnish school.

DAY 2: Assessment for Learning: observation & dialogue at UEF/Joensuu School. Classroom immersion with teacher/professor collaboration. Social-emotional learning, equity, scheduling, classroom management.

DAY 3: Modern Study Environments: phenomenon-based learning, hands-on learning experiences, play, physical activity, digitalization, new classroom design.

DAY 4: Inclusive Education: Keynote & workshop about special education in Finland, Visit to university’s new high-tech campus and/or an inclusive school.

DAY 5: Immersion in Vocational-Technical School, Reflections & Blueprint for Future: taking action back home.

OPTIONAL: Visit to Koli National Park; stop-over in Helsinki for school visit and expert meeting.


5 Education insights from Finland

  • Teaching should be an R&D-driven, clinical, high-status profession.
    Teachers should be trained as researchers and practitioners, highly
    respected, and given creative freedom.
  • Children learn best through discovery, play, encouragement and warm
    relationships with caring adults and peers.
  • The governing mechanism of schools should be educator collaboration,
    research and judgment, not standardized tests or big data.
  • Educational resources should be distributed equitably.
  • Let the Children PLAY!


Contact us for more information

Target group

Heads of School, lead teachers, high-potential
teachers, administrators and policy-makers.


On request


5 days in Finland 

group size

10-20 participants 

for more information, please contact 

Mari Argillander, mari.argillander@finuni.fi


For US clients it is possible to download the brochure below for more information about this program. Download finland lab school immersion program 2020