Objectives of the short course are:

  • To learn about possibilities that educational technology provides for university teaching and pedagogy

  • To learn about the impact and benefits of digital transformation in university processes

  • To learn about the impact of digital transformation in different professions and types of work carried out in a higher education institution.


Themes of the course are:

  • Overview of educational technology used at the University of Turku

  • Introduction to electronic tools which assist learning and research

  • Overview of the digitalisation strategy of the University of Turku

  • Introduction to the implementation of digital tools and systems into university processes

  • Overview of the digitalisation strategy of the University of Turku


Leadership for Academic Society 5.0 in Terms of IT Skills


Preliminary schedule



Day 1

Theme: Educational Technology

Introduction to educational technology

  • What is educational technology? The benefits and limitations of educational technology, Integrating educational technology into teaching and learning, Teaching online – tools and best practices

  • The Electronic Examination Services

Day 2

Theme: Educational technology and electronic tools

  • Learning analytics and big data

  • Workshop: How to use learning data as a university teacher

  • ViLLE learning platform

Day 3

Theme: Educational technology in research

Benefits of educational technology in research

  • UGIS- University of Turku Graduate School Information System, Carrying research in virtual networks


Digital tools for researchers

  • The digital databases, Open Science, Using social media for promoting research results

Day 4

Theme: Digital transformation in university processes

Morning programme

The prerequisites for digitalising the university processes

  • The digitalisation strategy of the University of Turku, The digital transformation in action: Case DigiEd


Digital systems and tools in university administration

  • Student administration, Human resources, Finances
Day 5

Theme: Impact of digital transformation into ways we work

The future of work

  • How the digital transformation will change the ways we work, the future work skills

Transformation from traditional work to digital work

The work society in digital era

Recognising and developing the digital skills of the staff

The benefits and limitations of distance work



target group

The programme is targeted for future-oriented educational directors and leaders, who are committed to developing their own organisations as well as their own personal leadership skills.


On request


5 days, in Finland


Approx. 30 000 € / group (excl. pos. VAT)

Group size

25 participants

For more information, please contact

University of Turku