General description

The world around us is complex, volatile, hyper-connected, surprising and ambiguous. Understand the world and scanning environments, opportunities and challenges in its alternative future conditions is vitally important for organisations in order to survive and succeed.

Anticipating, creating, and managing change in our increasingly fast-paced and globalised technological world is a big opportunity for added skills and prosperity at present and in the future. Understanding large-scale socioeconomic change, driving forces and – accordingly - reorganising social interaction and business practices are key talents to organisations and societies, as well as individuals.

Corporate Foresight is the leading theme and perspective of the Master Class of Corporate Foresight. Throughout the Class there is theoretical knowledge combined with practical training and expert interaction and exchange.

“Master Class” is exactly how it sounds: mastering scientific futures studies and corporate foresight contents and methods for the benefit of organisation or stakeholder network. 

We offer your organisation the possibility to learn from the exclusive overall best, from the Finnish futures studies professionals. Teachers of the class will support your key experts on their way towards mastering corporate foresight on professional level. 


Class Participants learn:

  • to map future developments and manage tools of systemic change,
  • to design creative future images, and
  • to build visionary strategies.


The contents are based on academic research of futures studies:

  • strategic planning and decision making,
  • building vision, mission and action,
  • building and running horizon scanning systems,
  • tackling development challenges.


Corporate Foresight Master Class

Personal test your Futures Consciousness, including a personal psychometric test "Futures consciousness profile" that will be done by all the participants of the course. 

Introduction to futures studies and corporate foresight

  • Futures Studies Methods & Tools: Forecasting I
  • Futures Studies Methods & Tools: Forecasting II
  • Futures Studies Methods & Tools: Backcasting
  • From Foresight to Action 

Final hands-on project, called the Foresight Plan, which provides the Participants with an opportunity to apply the futures and foresight methods in their own administrative or business sector, with a context of the organisation or network. 

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Group size

Max. 40 participants