The Finnish system of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is regulated by the law and is based on preventive approach. Strong political will among social partners, a firm regulatory basis, a well-functioning occupational health service system, and a good knowledge base have enabled the sustainable development of occupational health services in Finland.

Occupational health care combines the efforts of employers, employees and health care professionals concerning:

  • The health of employees, plus work and functional capacity at different stages of working life,
  • Preventing work-related diseases and accidents, 
  • The health and safety of work and the working environment, and
  • The functioning of the work community.


Finland University welcomes you to join 3-day study visit in Finland. The study visit includes:

  • Lectures by academic experts and professionals,
  • Possibility to share ideas and discuss with Finnish professionals, and
  • Site visit.


3 DAY STUDY VISIT: Occupational Health Care in Finland


  • Welcome to the University
  • Finnish system of developing human capital and welfare
  • The Finnish Occupational Health and Safety
  • Promotion of work ability
  • Prevention of occupational diseases and accidents
  • Site visit: practices and daily routines in occupational health
  • Best practices from the Occupational Health Care
  • Lessons learned, final questions and discussion
  • Wrap-up and certification


The statutory tasks of OHS

  • Assessment the health and safety aspects of the work
  • Assessment and monitoring of employees' health and work ability
  • Making initiatives for improvement and monitoring their implementation
  • Advice and guidance
  • Monitoring employees with disabilities and referring them to rehabilitation
  • Co-operation with representatives of other health care services and social insurance
  • Participation in activities that maintain work ability
  • Monitoring the quality and impact of occupational health care activities



In practice, OHS carry out these tasks by conducting workplace assessments, medical checkups, providing individual and group advice and guidance, as well as occupational health negotiations. 

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Target group

Doctors and healthcare professionals. 


On request


3 days in Finland


Approx. 10 500 € / group (excl. pos. VAT)

Group size

20 participants