Person file description in accordance with Sections 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki, 523/1999). Created 25.05.2018, last updated 25.05.2018.

1. Controller

Finland University
UMA Workspace, Teurastamo
Lautatarhankatu 10
00580 Helsinki, Finland

Business ID: 2580777-5

2. Contact person

Niina Uusimäki
+358 40 803 6680

3. Name of the register

Finland University's marketing register.

4. The purpose for processing the personal data

The information is used for Finland University's email distribution, direct marketing, and other marketing according to section 19 of the Personal Data Act.

5. Content of the register

First and last name, an email address, country of residence. 

6. Regular source of information

The data is collected from Finland University's website and specific events, such as student fairs.

7. Regular destination of disclosed data

Disclosed data is owned by Finland University. Personal information is not disclosed to parties outside the EU or ETA.

8. Data transfer to countries outside the European Economic Area

The controller does not disclose information to other companies. The controller's servers and other technical aids for processing data can be owned and managed by a third party service provider. Depending on the service provider, Finland University's information is located in the information stores of the service owner in Finland or outside the Finnish borders. They may also be outside the EU or EEA.

9. The principles how the data register is secured

The data collected for the register will not be disclosed to outsiders. Rights to access the collected data are granted only to those who need the information for performing their job. Physically, all computer equipment are located in premises with both electronic access control and security. The register is protected with personal user identifiers and passwords.