Biomedical Imaging Professional Development Programme trains professionals with theoretical understanding of diverse imaging technologies along with practical skills in a wide range of imaging methods and technologies.  

The Programme is aimed at imaging related basic and medical research experts as well as imaging core facility personnel, with educational background in life sciences, or relevant fields of biomedical sciences, physics, chemistry or engineering.


Programme Modules

Light microscopy essentials

  • Fluorescence in Bioanalytical Research
  • Bioimaging and Microscopy
  • Bioimage Informatics

Advanced microscopy and image analysis

  •     Advanced Bioimage Informatics
  •     Advanced Microscopy

Fluorescence measurement techniques, instrumentation, related chemistry and biochemistry, and applications of fluorescence in bioanalytical research.

Optics and illumination pathways, sample handling, staining techniques, Köhler illumination. Overview of advanced microscopy techniques, major medical imaging techniques, and quantification and photography.

Processing, analysis, visualization, handling and annotation of bioimages, extracting quantitative information from digital biomedical images. Image processing and analysis techniques and tools digital image fundamentals and application examples, pixel processing and neighbourhood operations, segmentation methods, motion tracking, morphological operations, discrete Fourier transform, application of bioimage informatics in medical imaging and electron microscopy.

Deepens knowledge of bioimage informatics tools and principles, understand, apply and troubleshoot bioimage informatics approaches in practice. 3D/4D microscopy images and 3D rendering and animation, voxel-based analyses, colocalization analysis, advanced segmentation-based analyses, batch processing, motion tracking, rules and ethics of image processing and analysis.

Profound theory and applications of advanced and modern light and fluorescence microscopy techniques, theory and practice of confocal microscope theory and hands-on.

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The professional development programme is targeted to experts working in the field of drug development, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, contract research organisations (CRO) or regulatory authorities.


On request

Modules can also be provided independently 


Approx. 9 months