The professional development programme offers the participants in-depth knowledge in drug discovery and development processes, and understanding on procedures applied in drug regulatory science and the role of drug regulatory authorities during the life-span of a drug. Participants learn to understand:

  • Up-to-date methods applied to identify and validate new drug targets, and to generate lead drug molecules,
  • Technological innovations made in lead optimisation process,
  • How new drug candidates are investigated during the non-clinical drug development phase,
  • Methods of clinical drug research, clinical drug development phases, clinical trial design and biostatistical study planning,
  • Various aspects of the drug regulatory science and pharmacovigilance.


Programme consists of 4 Academic Modules, that can run also independently

  1. Drug regulatory science
  2. Bioinformatics in drug discovery
  3. Computer-aided drug design
  4. Clinical trial design and clinical drug development 

Schedules and organisation of the Programme can be tailored to the customers needs.

  • Role and activities of drug regulatory authorities in the EU and in the US,
  • Regulatory toxicological and safety evaluation studies,
  • Cases in drug regulatory science.
  • Biological databases,
  • Bioinformatics tools in drug development and commonly used graphical software and computing environments,
  • Analysis of microchip, protein inhibitor and sequence data,
  • Relational databases,
  • Bioinformatics tools in drug development and commonly used command-line-based software,
  • Analysis of microchip, protein inhibitor and sequence data,
  • Introduction to graphical user interface design and development.
  • Interaction of drugs and micro-molecules ,
  • Ligand-based and structure-based drug design,
  • Drug-protein interactions,
  • Ligand docking,
  • Conformational analysis
  • Pharmacophore hypothesis
  • Quantitative structure-activity relationship
  • Phases and types of clinical drug trials
  • Ethical and regulatory evaluation of trials,
  • GCP regulations and legislation regarding clinical drug research
  • Data collection and management in clinical drug trials
  • Composing trial protocols
  • Monitoring and auditing of clinical trials
  • Statistical planning, reporting and interpretation of results
  • Clinical studies for new chemical entities

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The professional development programme is targeted to experts working in the field of drug development, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, contract research organisations (CRO) or regulatory authorities.


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Modules can also be provided independently