Certified Foresight Professional -Programme is a transdisciplinary educational program that seeks to improve the ability to anticipate, create, and manage change in a variety of domains (scientific, technological, environmental, economic, political, and societal), and on a variety of scales (personal, organizational, societal, global, and universal). Strategic foresight is a great competence field for future-minded, multidisciplinary thinkers and leaders. The Programme gives the Participants new skills to choose from various methods when facing a particular development challenge. The Participants will get a versatile toolkit to implement foresight thinking for the benefit of a given organisation.

Objectives of the Programme

The objectives of this Programme are:

  • to give insight into understanding the challenges of the complex, global and connected world
  • to provide the participants with a set of chosen futures thinking methods that suit to different contexts
  • to encourage the participant empowerment through the competence in dynamic foresight systems that enable organisations and regions to be proactive in the changing environments
  • to provide the participants with mastering the tools and methods of developing organisations in innovative, systematic and futures-oriented ways

Core themes

  • strategic planning and decision making,
  • building vision, mission and action,
  • building and running horizon scanning systems,
  • tackling development challenges.

There is a final hands-on project, which provides the participants with an opportunity to apply the futures and foresight methods in their administrative or business sector.

The Participants learn to

  • apply foresight methods in the actual context of their work,
  • understand the possibilities for strategic planning and innovative futures thinking in the
    development of organisations,
  • implement their learning during course in authentic context in their own work,
  • design strategic (policy) recommendations with participant empowerment
  • disseminate their knowledge to their colleagues and to the organisation at large,
  • engage the colleagues and the organisation in the futures initiative process, and
  • produce a report and present the case. 


Learning methods

There are multiform training methods such as Foresight Toolkit, executive Summary, eLearning Platform, Lectures, Case studies, simulations, readings and critical reflection.


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Target Groups

The CFP-Programme is targeted for public authorities (municipalities, reagional and national organizations) and professionals in academia, business and non-governmental organizations who want to become qualified and recognized as Professional Futurists. For organizations who want to train their members in foresight, we bring the Programme to your location in a customized hybrid format that combines convenient class times with online work “in-between” the classes.