Learning Outcomes

Bachelor Degree in Primary Teacher Education provides the students the unique competence of Finnish teacher education. The graduates understand the foundations of education and pedagogy, and are able to practice as independent teachers applying the modern methodologies in their context.

Qualified and skilful teachers support the emergence of future learning through enhancing the transversal skills of their students:

  • Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology

  • Digital competence

  • Learning to learn: analytical, problem solving, lateral thinking

  • Interpersonal, intercultural and social competences and civic competence (able to participate constructively in society)

  • Entrepreneurship


Degree programme (3 years) can be organized:

  • Fully in Rauma, Finland.

  • Jointly with a partner University Studies at Partner University (2 years) and 1 year of studies in Finland, with special emphasis on guided teaching practice, and science and mathematics didactics. 

Commissioned Bachelor’s Degree programme in primary teacher education | Finland University


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Target Group

Upper secondary school certificate, which gives the right to apply for Higher Education in the applicant’s home country and a good competence in English language.


Upon request for commissioned groups


3 years, modules can be provided independently