Learning Outcomes

The programme focuses on two important areas of information security: networked systems security, and cryptography and data security. The students of the programme gain both knowledge and hands-on experience in secure network and communication systems, secure computing systems and mathematical foundations of data security.

The Cryptography and Data Security major subject educates future experts of the field that have strong and broad knowledge on mathematical aspects of cryptography and data security. The students learn to assess the strengths and weaknesses of cryptographic solutions based on a deep understanding of the underlying theory.

The Networked Systems Security major subject gives its students profound and substantial education and expertise in the networked systems security and technology field. The graduates of this major subject will benefit from the strong technological, theoretical and practical understanding and skills they have obtained in the programme, and build a successful career in securing the information and communication technology industry.

This programme co-operates closely with the GITM Master’s Degree Programme in the Turku School of Economics, resulting in an opportunity for the students of this programme to study information security courses also from the information systems and security management perspective.


Availability of The Programme

Available upon request for commissioned groups

Structure and Length of The Programme

The duration of the programme is two academic years.


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Target Group

The programme is targeted for students who have a Bachelor’s degree in business administration combined with prior skills e.g. in accounting, finance, marketing or management. The programme is also suitable for holders of a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science.