General description  

The commissioned Master's Degree Programme in Futures Studies provides the students with high quality education and an academic degree in futures studies. Understanding on futures, and knowledge and skills on foresight, enables individuals, organisations and nations to map alternative futures development paths, futures images and scenarios and have an impact on the future. The programme trains students to become professionals who are competent in choosing from various methods when facing a particular development challenge. The students will get a versatile toolkit to implement foresight thinking for the benefit of a given organisation.


The Programme provides the participants with competence in:

  • performing challenging futures studies projects,
  • understanding complex, dynamic and volatile aspects of business and society,
  • using futures research toolkit, especially to build scenarios and images of the future, and
  • evaluating critically futures studies projects and real-life cases.


Objectives of the programme

  • Give insight into the latest academic research on futures studies and innovation;
  • Provide with competences in innovative and visionary thinking and affiliated methods;
  • Enable to work for the national development aims, in service of companies, public authorities and other organizations;
  • Encourage empowerment in helping nations, regions and organizations to harness future opportunities and threats. 


Career opportunities 

Programme will qualify to a wide array of expert positions in the strategic and foresight units of private companies and public institutions. The programme also serves as an excellent basis for building a consultant business.


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Target Groups

The programme is targeted for those who want the full experience of futures studies and foresight. The Programme builds upon and enhances the knowledge attained by the students in their previous Bachelor Degree and other experiences. 


On request for commissioned groups


2 years of full-time studies (120 ECTS)

Group size

Max. 30 participants