Learning Outcomes

The studies impart the competencies to grow into critically aware individuals who have wide perspectives into the world and who understand the mission of education. Graduates are also able to practice as teachers, mentors, and organizers of. learning, who together with others are able to develop innovative educational practices, curricula and schools for better future to our children and youth Teachers and experts having completed a Master’s Degree on in education will

  • comprehend widely societal and global conditions for learning and education
  • be thoroughly aware of their importance as educators, individuals having pedagogical power and influence in the society
  • be capable of making well-grounded ethical choices in their professional roles
  • be capable to state arguments in discussion of education and educational policy and be able to defend the educational values
  • be able to develop their work on the basis of research in multicultural environments

Contents of The Programme

The suggested program consists of five large modules that constitute an integrated whole of theory and practice. It will give competencies to adapt and implement elements of Finnish education system in various contexts. The program starts with introduction to Finnish Education system and studies in Finland. In addition, there are necessary general studies of academic writing, media and optional studies. The advanced educational study modules consist of five essential themes in school development: Research on Teaching and Learning, Evaluation and Quality of Teaching, Learning and Education, Curriculum Studies, Inclusive Education, and Leadership in Educational Organisations. A study module consisting of project learning will be carried out connected with the academic studies. This will include a phased continuum of supervised practice in Finnish schools. The studies for Master’s Thesis and the Studies of Research Methods will create an inseparable entirety.

Availability of The Programme

Available upon request for commissioned groups.

Structure and Length of The Programme

The duration of the programme is two years. At least one year will be spent in Finland.


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Target Group

Teachers with a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences