Learning Outcomes

Main objectives of the programme are to provide theoretical knowledge on essential skills to manage and develop modern public organisations and their strategic collaboration, to benchmark practices of administration and management in non-profit organizations and to design a structured and applicable development study for the benefit of the participants’ own organizations after the education programme.


Structure and Length of The Programme

Programme consists of 10 working days during two weeks’ time. The working days include lectures, active workshops and visits to public or non-profit organisations in the region of Tampere and Helsinki, the capital of Finland. These visits will reflect and amplify the effect of the academic lectures and as a whole will provide well-balanced and structured programme.


University of Tampere is the top provider of public administration education in Finland. We have a long experience of high quality research in the field of administrative science studies, which creates an excellent basis for tailoring an applicable, effective and high-profile education programme for the public servants. Our previous cooperation partners include e.g. Lomonosov Moscow State University.


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Target Group

Government officials, public servants


Availability of The Programme

Can be arranged by request during autumn semester (September–November) or spring semester (January–April).