Learning Outcomes

  • Strengthen participants competence in theoretical and practical geospatial skills in their
    applied fields of expertise
  • Provide professionally qualified and sufficient skills in using digital geospatial information,
  • GIS, image processing, ICT and related techniques in daily work
  • Improve participants skills in designing GIS-based work routines and solutions.

Contents of The Programme

Theoretical and hands-on GIS training with geospatial software (ArcGIS, Q-GIS, IDRISI, ERDAS Imagine, PostgreS etc) including:

Availability of The Programme

  • Public Participatory GIS and Land Use Planning
  • Monitoring and Mapping Land Cover Changes
  • GIS and Coastal Management
  • GIS and Flood Risk Assessment


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Target Group

GIS skills for environmental specialists is targeted for environmental authorities, planners, researchers and NGO’s working with spatial planning or environmental problem-solving tasks, where daily work needs to be based on advanced scientific, methodological and practical skills in applying geospatial methodologies.