Learning Outcomes

The objectives of this programme are:

  • to give insight into changing education into a more child-centered system
  • to encourage teacher empowerment through the development of pedagogical knowledge
  • to provide the methods of reflection and evaluation of learning processes in comparison with the results
  • to provide the participants with a set of chosen theory based tools for teaching and classroom management
  • to give examples how to teach using ICT

Contents of The Programme

The programme includes a comprehensive introduction into the Finnish way of education. In Finland teachers are highly qualified, appreciated profes – sionals who have a strong theoretical background to develop their work. The programme will introduce the participants with the basic cornerstones of Finnish Teacher Education: view of learning, curriculum as a basic tool to collegially develop the quality of instruction in the school level, interactive and child-centered teaching methods and the concept of inclusion. The programme will give the participants a front row seat to observe the everyday work of Finnish teachers in order to provide the understanding of what kind of elements the Finnish education system is based on.

Core themes of the programme:
  • The essentials of the Finnish School System and Teacher Education
  • The basic values behind Finnish Teacher Education
  • Teaching practice
  • The role of assessing and evaluation in education
  • The role of national core curriculum in Finland
  • Inclusive Education
  • Special Education
  • The pedagogical role of ICT in Education

Optional themes:

  • Learning environments
  • Teaching Methods
  • Language education in Finnish schools
  • School environment
  • Educational leadership
  • Teacher as a researcher
  • The role of Arts and Crafts in education
  • Subject specific tools and practices
  • Education for diversity
  • Early childhood education

Availability of The Programme

Can be arranged by request during autumn semester (October-November) or spring semester (February-April).

Structure and Length of The Programme

5-10 working days programme includes high-level academic expert lectures (2-4 hours per day), 3-5 school visits, observation of the Finnish university-level teachers’ training and learning environments and the possibility to meet local teachers and principals.


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Target Group

Experienced, qualified teachers (preprimary, primary, lower secondary and upper secondary school level) who wish to find new tools and methods to develop the quality of teaching in their school.