Based on the criteria such as maternal health and the child’s well-being, Finland is considered to be one of the best countries in the world for mothers. Finland University welcomes you to join one weekintensive training on Finnish maternal and child care system. The training is organised in Finland, by the University of Turku. The training includes:

  • lectures by Finnish doctor educators, medical experts and professionals,
  • site visits to preventive health care clinics for mothers and children, and
  • site visit to the University hospital delivery unit, healthy newborn unit and NICU.

The participants get to meet doctors and doctor educators and to learn from the practitioners as well as researchers.




  • Maternity and child care system in Finland
  • National principles and guidelines


  • Maternity care in Finland
  • Roles of public health nurses and doctors
  • Scheduled appointments for mothers and families
  • Monitored health indicators, routine examinations
  • Visit to Maternity Clinic: daily routines and facilities


Pregnancy & childbirth in Finland

  • Pregnancy care and follow-up
  • Complications, pain management and anesthesia
  • Visit to the delivery unit

Child birth & Perinatal Care in Finland

  • Healthy and sick newborn
  • Perinatal care in the hospital
  • Visit to healthy newborn unit
  • Visit to NICU


  • Child health care in Finland
  • Roles of public health nurses and doctors
  • Scheduled appointments for children and families
  • Monitored health indicators, routine examinations and vaccinations
  • Visit to Child Care Clinic: daily routines and facilities


Digital services

  • iPana digital service
  • Demonstration


  • Final questions
  • Lessons learned and conclusions
Programme is tentative, until confirmation by training provider.


Practical Information

Enquiries and support: Please contact for any questions on the traning, registration or arrangements.

Registration and payment: Registration and payment will be available in spring 2019. Registration and payment via internet. Upon registration you need to define the size of your group. Programme is available for maximum 20 participants. The minimum number of participants to guarantee programme commencement is 15. Institutional customers, i.e. institution paying for the participation, may not be required to pay VAT. Individual customers are subject to VAT.

Registration includes: expert lectures, study material, site visits, transportation from university to the visits, lunch.

Invitation letters for visaInvitation letters are submitted after registration and payment.

Travel and arrival: Participants are expected to organise their travel and cover the costs themselves. You can book your flight directly to Turku, or alternatively to Helsinki from which you can take a bus or train to Turku (ca. 2 hours).

Accomodation: Participants are expected to arrange for their accommodation and to cover the costs themselves. Finland University can recommend alternatives. Hotels cost on ca. 100-120 € / night, but also apartments and B&Bs can be found.


Information on the Service Provider

Finland University is the international education brand, and joint marketing and sales company of four leading Finnish research universities: the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Tampere, the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. All the universities are in the top 2% of global university rankings.

Finland University provides worldwide degree programmes and professional development programmes of its member universities to individuals and institutions (universities, government ministries and agencies, foundations, companies). To date Finland University has successfully completed or is delivering programmes for customers based in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.  The programmes are run on university campuses in Finland or in the country of our customers, online and in the workplace.

University of Turku, Finland, is an internationally acknowledged, multidisciplinary scientific university hosting seven faculties: Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Education and Economics. The University is recognized for the quality of teaching, research and excellent student support services. With over 21 000 students and 3 500 employees it is one of the major universities in Finland. Almost 2 000 international students from over 95 countries annually study at the University of Turku.


More information:

Ms. Anna Hirsikoski
Programme Manager

Date: Spring 2019

Location: University of Turku, Turku, Finland

Cost per participant: 1400 € + VAT if applicable.

To whom: The training is targeted to medical doctors whose expertise is focused on maternal care, pregnancy and childbirth, perinatal care, and infant and child care. Also hospital and clinic leaders, as well as health policy makers benefit from the programme.

Certification: Participants will receive a certificate of participation from Finland University.