The commissioned Master´s Degree Programme in Futures Studies provides the students with high quality education and an academic degree in futures studies. Understanding on futures, and knowledge and skills on foresight, enables individuals, organisations and nations to map alternative futures development paths, futures images and scenarios and have an impact on the future. The programme trains students to become professionals who are competent in choosing from various methods when facing a particular development challenge. The students will get a versatile toolkit to implement foresight thinking for the benefit of a given organisation.


  • equates university degree of 120 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System)
  • instructed in English
  • equals the fulltime study of two years, yet allows flexibility to complete the Programme also in 1.5 or 2.5 years
  • the enrollment and other administrative processes are discussed between Finland University and the Client


Objectives of the Programme

The objectives of this Programme are:

  • to give insight into the latest academic research on futures studies and innovation
  • to provide the students with competences in innovative and visionary thinking and affiliated methods, and to thus enable them to work for the national development aims, in service of companies, public authorities and other organisations
  • encourage empowerment in helping nations, regions and organisations to harness future opportunities and threats.

The Programme facilitates the participants with

  • generic skills to perform challenging futures studies projects
  • foundations of futures studies including the history, key actors in the field, competing theories and concepts in futures thinking
  • the ability to understand complex, dynamic and volatile aspects of business and society in a systemic way
  • knowledge and competence in using futures research toolkit, especially to build scenarios and images of the future, facilitating futures workshops, organising stakeholder discussions of coming trends and emerging issues
  • skills for evaluating critically futures studies projects and real-life cases with an in-depth ethical approach to improve the responsibility of futures projects

Career Opportunities


Students will get a versatile toolkit for implementing foresight thinking for the benefit of a given organisation. They will qualify to a wide array of expert positions in the strategic and foresight units of private companies and public institutions. The Programme also serves as an excellent basis for building a consultant business. Possible designations are:

  • strategic planning executive
  • consultant
  • futures analyst
  • business development manager
  • development and planning officer in public administration

After performing this Master´s programme the participants are qualified as an applicant of the Futures Studies postgraduate programme (at University of Turku, Finland).

Learning Modes The Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary and practical education in the field of futures studies. The Programme includes plenty of rehearsal, case-studies and real-life experiences on using foresight methodology. These range from quantitative and qualitative methods to innovative and creative futures design techniques. Virtual platform with student, expert and practitioner interaction is a part of learning by sharing. There are multiform learning modes such as eLearning Platform, international Summer School, lectures, case studies, simulations, written reports and essays, readings and critical reflection.

Master’s thesis The thesis is the final output of the Programme and can be accomplished by developing a strategy or finding answers to a specific problem of a company or other organisation. The final thesis will provide the students with the opportunity to tackle a real-life problem or development challenge of an organisation by using academic futures research methods.


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Target Groups

The Programme is targeted for those who want the full experience of futures studies and foresight. The degree prepares students for professional work in the foresight field or for applying futures thinking and tools in their current positions. The Programme builds upon and enhances the knowledge attained by the students in their previous degrees (e.g. the Bachelor Degree) and other experiences. For organizations that want to offer this Programme, as well as the university degree, it is possible to bring the courses to the Client´s location in a customized hybrid format that combines convenient class times with online work “in-between” the classes.