Sustainable Development Training Programmes are trans-disciplinary educational programmes that seek to improve the ability to anticipate, create, and manage sustainable development. Various programmes of different scope can be offered, tailored to needs of the target group.

The aim is to offer students a thorough grounding in the principles of sustainable development and means to implement theseEnegy and principles in various contexts by shared expertise. The programmes take into account the four dimensions of sustainable development: environmental, social, cultural and economic. The programmes invite the participants to apply these perspectives to a case analysis, and demonstrates how sustainability can only be achieved by developing collaborative expertise.


Selection of themes for the programmes

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Social sustainability: local and global
  • Ecological sustainability: different schools of thought
  • Cultural sustainability 
  • Political and economic conflicts
  • The enhancement of sustainability in urban regions and in organisations
  • The enhancement of sustainable development in education
  • Sustainable development and science
  • Individual perspective to sustainability


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Target Group

The programmes are targeted to governments and decision-makers, higher education institutes, as well as businesses and NGOs interested and active in the sustainable development.


On request


From 1 week short courses to 9 months professional development programme.

Group size

30 participants