Learning outcomes

After the course, the participants are able to:

  • recognise needs of pedagogical support in the group and individual level
  • understand methods of pedagogical support and three tier-support model
  • assess need of pedagogical support in the group and individual levels
  • develop the learning plan in the multi-professional co-operation
  • adopt and use methods of learning support in planning and implementation/teaching 


Main themes of the course

  • Pedagogical support and identification of need of pedagogical support
  • Learning environments and differentiation
  • Co-teaching
  • Learning plan
  • Situation analysis of Case-student and action plan


Content of the Short Course

Forms of support for learning and a three-tier support model support to identify and assess the need for support, and to develop a pedagogical assessment and learning plan or early childhood education plan or other individual learning plan.




Target group

Early childhood and basic education teachers, teacher educators, principals, teacher trainees, researchers, education and organizations in education.


On request


1-2 weeks or according to customer needs


Approx. 30 000 € / week / group, in Finland, depending on the specific programme (excl. pos. VAT)

Group size

25 participants