Study Visit offers a hands-on experience and insight to Finnish education system, which is ranked highly in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Study visit includes expert presentations, lectures, teacher training, discussion and an introduction to the structure of Finnish early childhood education, basic education and secondary education, accompanied by school or kindergarten visits and observation at the university practice school.


Participants get to:

  • Discuss, share knowledge and exchange ideas with our experts and professionals
  • Gain a hands on experience of the Finnish school and education system operations at all levels
  • Gain a practical viewpoint on the school system through school visits



Study Visit Programmes on Finnish Basic Education



Day 1

9 - 15

Faculty of Education

  • Welcome to the University
  • Finnish Education System and Its Success
    • Introduction to the key elements of the Finnish education system

    • Analyzing the Factors behind the success

  • Unique Finnish Teacher Education
    • Structure of teacher education

    • Introduction to the key elements of the teacher education

  • Competence requirements for teachers

Day 2

9 - 15

The Teacher Training School

  • Introduction to the Teacher Training School
    • Organization of teaching practice

    • Tour of the school and classroom observation

    • Discussion

  • Finnish national core curriculum
    • Process of developing the new core curriculum

    • Objectives and key elements of the core curriculum

    • Implementation process

Day 3

9 - 15

The schedule for the last day consists of 2 optional thematic modules (1 module for morning session, 1 for afternoon session). Please select the modules from the list underneath.


  • Current pedagogical topics in Finland

  • Pedagogical principles in ECEC

  • Evaluation in Early Childhood and Pre-Primary/ Basic Education 

  • Inclusive education

  • Co-teaching and teacher collaboration

  • Home-school and multi-professional collaboration

  • Defining pedagogical leadership

  • Challenges in education management

  • Communication Skills in Leadership and Management

  • Mathematics in the Finnish National Core Curriculum

  • Methods & tools

  • Classroom management

  • Games and coding

  • Benefits and Limitations in Education

  • Digitalisation in Finnish Schools

  • Workshop on Programming as a Means of Teaching Computational Thinking

  • Creating the school of the digital age

  • Student-centered classroom

  • Versatile learning strategies

  • Communication skills

  • Classroom management 

  • Assessment OF and FOR learning

  • Evidence-based inferences

  • Criterion-referenced inferencing

  • Self-assessment and peer evaluation

For example:

  • Contemporary learning environments

  • Student-centered classroom

  • Versatile learning strategies

  • Communication skills

  • Classroom management


target group

Study visits for Educational specialists are targeted for early childhood and basic education teachers, teacher educators, principals, teacher trainees, researchers, education and organisations in education.


September-November & January-April


1-3 days in Finland 


3 500 € / day / group (excl. pos. VAT)

Group size

25 participants