Short courses focus on introducing the best practices of the Finnish education and teacher training systems in general as well as a more practical side focusing on student-oriented and effective teaching methods with a tailor made programme designed based on the customer’s needs. Programmes can be organized for groups from abroad both in Finland and in the teachers’ home countries.

Teaching Methods to Support Student Motivation


Preliminary schedule

Day 1

Finnish Education System, Core Values and Teaching Philosophy

Morning Programme

  • Introduction to Finnish Education System
  • Finnish Education Reform
Afternoon Programme
  • Finnish National Core Curriculum
  • Examples of Different Subjects
  • Holistic Learning
Day 4

Introducing Cross-Disciplinary Model & Phenomenon Based Learning


Morning Programme

  • Cross-disciplinary Teaching
  • Phenomenon Based Learning
  • Learning by Doing, practicing

Afternoon Programme

  • Learning Environments
  • Larger learning units: themes, projects, real-life-like situations
Day 2

Student Centered Learning Environment

Morning Programme

  • Pedagogical Thinking and Planning the Teaching
  • Knowing Your Students: student diversity, age appropriate learning, students centered learning
  • The Role of the Teacher in Experiential and Student Centered Learning
Afternoon Programme
  • Flipped Learning
  • Structural Features of Student-Centered Classrooms
  • Different Learning Styles, Understanding Student Psychology
Day 5

Teaching According to the Cross-Disciplinary Model

Morning Programme

  • Planning Learning Through Play
  • Principles of Scaffolding

Afternoon Programme

  • Challenges in Learning and Solving Them
  • How to Choose a Central Theme, Issue, Problem, Process, and Topic?
Day 3

Contemporary Teaching Methods and Strategies

  • Morning Programme
    Transversal Competence
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Multidisciplinary Approach
Afternoon Programme
  • Multiliteracy Skills
  • Critical Thinking; effective, dialogical, engaging, participatory

Day 6


Learning Through Play and Using Cross-Disciplinary Model in Extracurricular Work

  • Workshop
  • Group discussion and feedback
  • Expert Feedback
Day 7

Phenomenon Based Learning in Extracurricular Work

  • Workshop
  • Group discussion and feedback 
  • Expert Feedback
  • Final discussion and conclusions


If you have a specific interest or focus, programmes can be tailored to your needs.




Target group

Early childhood and basic education teachers, teacher educators, principals, teacher trainees, researchers, education and organizations in education.


On request


1-2 weeks or according to customer needs


Approx. 30 000 € / week / group, in Finland, depending on the specific programme (excl. pos. VAT)

Group size

25 participants