Whether you want to live by yourself or with other students, there’s a variety when it comes to accommodation.

Please consider that usually heating is included in rent, electricity and water are not. You are best advised to enquire information about accommodation possibilities directly from the University you will be studying at.

Student residence from the Student Village

Finnish universities do not have on-campus dormitories. There are apartments rented for students by a Student housing foundations. These are usually furnished.

Shared apartments (single or shared rooms)

It’s quite common for Finnish students to share an apartment. Usually Finns appreciate single rooms. These apartments might not be fully furnished so prepare yourself — it’s quite easy to find recycled furniture for a cheap price. Use e.g. social media to contact others in the same situation. This is a great way to get to know people as well.

Apartment from general rental markets

A friendly warning: Finding an apartment from general rental markets might be difficult especially during autumn since there are thousands of students in the same situation. In case you want to rent an apartment from general markets, please keep in mind that the rental agreements are done usually for a year and earlier resignation requires a penalty fee. Usually rented apartments are not furnished.

You can look for rental apartments for example from following web pages. Unfortunately, they do not have information in English:

Furnished apartments

Furnished apartments and hostels might work as an emergency solution. So if you haven’t found an apartment from the options above, you could check these: