You will experience great personal growth. Studying abroad means living in a completely different culture, and you might even face a cultural shock. But not to worry: you will enjoy your time here, since it has been proven that Finland has the highest standard of living when it comes to basic needs, foundations of well-being and personal freedom (Social Progress Index 2016). Sooner or later you will become familiar with the Finnish habits and lifestyle and start adopting them in your own behaviour. Through this process, you will become more independent, confident and open – and maybe a little bit Finnish as well.

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You will learn new languages. Studying in English in a Finnish university is like a high-class language course. You don’t have to know Finnish to be understood here: Finland ranks as #5 in fluency of English compared to other non-English-speaking countries (English Proficiency Index 2015). In addition to academic English and daily chit-chat, you might learn some Finnish. Learning Swedish is possible as well, since Swedish is another official language in Finland. Studying abroad is a great way to improve your language skills.

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You will make a lot of new friends. Studying in Finland University means that you are studying in a highly collaborative and international environment. International students are really happy here; Finland was ranked as second among European countries in international student satisfaction in 2015 (StudyPortals). You will meet lots of students from all over the world and you will complete study tasks together – not to forget all the activities outside studies.

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You will gain valuable international experience. We are living in a world that knows no boundaries. You might build an international career or you might return to your home country filled with new experiences, knowledge and a world-class academic degree. Studying abroad gives you valuable insights about adapting to and understanding different cultures.

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